NAMAland is an augmented reality app which lets you see properties in Dublin reportedly owned by NAMA, the National Asset Management Agency.

The philosophy of NAMAland is to look on the bright side, OK the downside of NAMA is that it's costing us €40 billion, the upside is that we now own some of the best (and worst) properties in Dublin and the app lets you see in real time and real space our collective NAMA portfolio. So grab your phone, put on your tophat and enjoy your new role as a property tycoon with this augmented reality tour of NAMAland.

Remember we-are-where-we-are, there's no point playing the blame game, we were all living beyond our means, it was like that when we got here...

NAMAland is an art project by Conor McGarrigle. It is based on the database of NAMA properties maintained by the NAMAwineLake blog*.

Contact: conor[AT]stunned[DOT]org

NAMAland is not yet complete, at the moment it only covers Dublin with more properties being continually added (there's a lot of them).

*Note about NAMAWinelake Data: Here you will find details of developers whose loans are reported to be NAMA-bound, the companies and individuals with whom they’re associated (or have been associated) and assets linked to them (again presently or in the past). You will also find details of developers and bankers who have not been publicly associated with NAMA. Note that NAMA has said that it will not normally reveal the identities of any NAMA borrower and will accord NAMA borrowers the same confidentiality they would receive at the original financial institution. The identities of the NAMA borrowers in the attached spreadsheet and below are based on press reporting – the reporting sources are shown on the spreadsheet . An updated google docs spreadsheet list is maintained here. An extract from that list will be regularly posted here. The list includes the borrower, associated companies or individuals and associated assets (note any association might be past or present – the press sources for any information are shown in the comments fields). Not all the information may display below depending on your browser settings – to access all the information, you need to access the google docs spreadsheet above. This spreadsheet is not maintained by NAMAland.

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